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We’re excited to share a little Valentine story with y’all today with the help of Mixbook. You may have seen my post on Instagram earlier this year but in case you missed it…we’re engaged! I was pleasantly surprised by it because early on in our relationship I was told that I was the one who had to get on my knees but it was the heartmate who ultimately popped the question. He said I took way too long to do it. I swear I was going to! I am a procrastinator through and through. Ha! But you know what? I’m still gonna propose to him. Shhh...his ring is being custom made at the moment.

We don’t typically do much on Valentine’s Day except maybe a cheap and cheerful dinner. Nothing cheesy. This year, though, I want to make something special to celebrate us. And what better way to do it than flipping through pages and seeing some of our favorite and silly adventures together? 

Mixbook is a fantastic and easy-to-use design tool to create customizable photo products like books, cards, calendars, and wall canvases. And you can do it all online with just a few simple clicks. They have some really neat pre-designed templates to choose from, too, like plant graphics and watercolors. I decided to keep it super simple so I chose a blank template. Seriously they make it so easy that anyone can design a fabulous book! First, you upload all the photos you want to use. Then, you can use their excellent page layout options. You can get really creative with photos and type. I kept it minimal with only photos.

I started the book with photos I took in Montauk where we had our epic 5-day first date. 

I also included a couple of photos from our trip to Seville last summer. It was the place where his parents got engaged.

Oh, and here’s the ring he got me. Cute and simple right? I'll share more about it later when we have both rings on our hands. 

And I just had to include a spread dedicated to his endless naps. I thought I was the biggest napper until I met him. FYI...he's napping at the moment.

Most of these photos are from my phone so it made it really easy. The front cover photos is from our Better Homes and Gardens feature from last spring. It was taken by Paul Costello. I definitely want to create another book from Mixbook documenting our New Orleans house, like a home tour book! It'll be so awesome to see all the before and afters all in one place! Yaaas! I feel like Mixbook is not only great for making memorable gifts, but it could be great for building your own portfolio. Imagine how legit you'd look if you showed a book of your own photography, graphic design, or interiors you've styled at an interview? Anywho, don't miss out on getting 50% off your first order. Click here to get started on your first book! 

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