Guesthouse Spring Update

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We’ve had our guesthouse up and running for five months now and it’s been really fun having family and friends stay with us. I’ve always enjoyed hosting and pretending to create my own boutique hotel experience. So much so that I’ve even created a business card and postcard for it. We’re calling it The Sterling Guesthouse. Super cute, right?! Today, I’m partnering with The Company Store to give you a few bedroom and bathroom tips on how to be the best host ever!

Let’s start with the bedroom. It’s probably the most important thing and often one of the most overlooked. Let’s be honest, everyone needs a good night’s rest so invest in a quality mattress. We have a queen-size tempurpedic mattress and all our guests love it. For bedding, I always opt for white linen sheets as the base. These linen flat and fitted sheets are from The Company Store and they’re so soft even after the first wash. And now we can layer some color and pattern to make the bed pop! Make sure there are four firm pillows and that they’re new, too! Don’t pass down your old frumpy pillows for you guests. Ha! Here, I like to contrast two white pillows with two pillow shams in a different color, plus an accent throw pillow. I also draped a quilt over the headboard to give it a fresh cozy look. It’s an easy trick to update a headboard without getting a new one. The duvet is a fluffy down comforter stuffed in a linen duvet cover. It’s perfect for all year round. And finally, I layered an extra quilt on the bed for guests who might get cold easily. This one matches perfectly with the rest of the space!

Now, onto the bathroom. This is where guests refresh. Make sure it’s stocked with quality shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, hand soap, and lotion. I also have an assortment of moisturizer, eye cream, facewash, scrub, and face mists for my guests to pamper themselves. Don’t forget a canister for cotton balls and q-tips. It’s the little things that make guests feel well taken care of. The shower curtain is from The Company Store. I love the southwestern pattern. As for towels, there should always be four bath towels and four face towels. These towels have a splash of color on them which makes it fun! And let’s not forget about them robes! Yaaas. The only time I ever put on a robe is when I’m at a hotel. It’s like the official vacay wardrobe. We brought our armoire back with us from New Orleans and this is the perfect little corner for it in our guesthouse. One more little thing I like to do is fold a triangle with the toilet paper. And there you have it!

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