I will start writing reviews for thrift stores so everyone can get a better idea of where to shop, what to look for, and which store smells like diarrhea.

The first thing I do in every thrift store is run to the camera section, then furniture, then shoes and finally books. Occasionally, I comb through the racks for a nice blazer or jacket but I don't have much luck finding clothes that fit.

Let's begin with the recently opened, Acts Thrift Store in Pasadena, CA. Which is right around the corner from Pasadena City College. I came here last weekend for their successful and explosive grand opening. I returned today after getting a call about winning one of their raffles. How awesome is that? A $20 gift card for groceries.

Here's the rundown :

Cameras – They only had one camera and it was broken. So disappointing.

Furniture – I haven't seen anything awesome. But this lounge chair has potential. With some DIY love, it can turn out fabulous like this.

Books – There are about six bookcases and they've taken the time to arrange them under fiction, non-fiction, religious, etc. I've found six books so far. Not bad for about a buck each.

Clothes + Shoes – The men's section is a snooze. It's the size of my bathtub. On the other hand, you can spend a good hour in the women's. But I did find two pairs of oxfords here for $5.99 each. So keep an eye out for shoes.

Novelty, Kitchenware, Electronics – They have a long aisle of dishes, cups, and glasses. The novelty section is lackluster. There are a ton of TV sets and lamps. I generally give a quick glance in these aisles and if nothing immediately jumps out, I skip on.

Jewelry – It can be expensive here. I overheard a customer ask about a jade necklace that was $199.99. It sounds outrageous doesn't it?

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The people are very friendly and helpful. Prices are reasonable(except for jewelry). And they have daily half off tags like other thrifts. Having said that, one disadvantage about this thrift store (grumbling) there's tax. Overall, I like this place and it's a nice size. I will definitely return at least once a month. Hope they'll have something sweet for me next time.

Acts Thrift Store
1382 Locust St. Pasadena, CA 91106
626 577 4477
Mon–Sat 10-8pm