It's been forever since my last thrift store review. So here it is, the House of Return thrift store in Culver City, CA, also known as Beit T'shuvah. Like most thrift stores, this is a hit or miss but it's also a little pricier than say, Salvation Army. My friend was looking for some fancy, faux fur vest but they only had real ones that ran up to $900. These people sure know their dead goods. Most of the books are a couple bucks but some hardcovers were $15 which I could find cheaper from Amazon. And the furniture section is so-so. I was thinking of getting this dresser but not for $125—I pass. I did bring home a hot Asian doll though. She was the best looking of all the freakish dolls sitting on the dresser.

I don't usually find anything here but over the weekend, I got this awesome knit artwork. Love the abstract shapes and colors. It's also kinda big so I have no idea where to put it yet. Anyway, House of Return is a once in awhile kinda visit for me. And parking sucks too.

House of Return
10409 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
310 204 4669
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