FINALLY, a rug for our living room! If I were a few seconds late, a funny lady at Goodwill would have snatched it up. She followed me around the store, hoping I'll change my mind and drop it. First, she asked me how much it was($25). Then she came back to check if I was for sure, for sure gonna get it. Too funny. Anyway, this is the fluffy Vitten rug sold at Ikea and runs for $129. I can't believe it's in such brand new condition. And don't worry, I sprayed some homemade non-toxic bug killer and blow dried it in high heat to make sure no bed bugs are lurking in there. The only concern I have is that Beatrice LOVES to do her little twinkles and droplets on furry stuff. So I'm crossing my fingers(and toes) she doesn't sabotage it.