Check out these fantastic prints that just came in my mailbox. They're from The Seventy Tree, by the talented, Kerry Layton. Kerry, these prints are fab to the max! I got The City Fox print because it reminds me of my little Beatrice. She pretty much embodies the spirit of a city fox. She's learned to pop a squat anywhere in the city and also trained to look both ways when crossing. Is she awesome or what? Gotta love her! The other print, Bare Bear holding its undies is hilarious. And the Bear of Few Words was drawn from the word, bear, which is so simple and brilliant and creates so much textureIf you love animal prints like me, stop by her wonderful shop because she's having a sale on A4 size prints, all for £5. What a steal-deal! Kerry also has an addicting blog that covers all things inspiring which I follow everyday.

The teardrop terrarium next to the bear prints was a nice housewarming gift from a good friend of mine over at Branch of Life LA. His terrariums are pretty and the succulent stuffings are low maintenance and looks magical inside the glass. I'm definitely getting a larger one for my home.