Recently thrifted this white, square Spartus Clock. It reminds me of something the super minimal brand, MUJI would make. I found a yellow Spartus a few months back but I think I like this newer one more, even though it's not yellow. Shocking, I know.

So, one of my recurring New Year's resolution is to be on time for everything. Unless you're on a vacation, then by all means, get lost and forget all about it, until the day of your departure, of course. Otherwise, it's good to keep track of time.

My plan of actions or sub-resolutions are: 1) find a hundred clocks for my home, maybe not as many as Hilda Grahnat's clock collection 2) wear a watch regularly because the cellphone is not reliable since I'm also terrible at charging it 3) get ready sooner to avoid running around like a headless chicken, and most importantly, 4) gotta tell myself to actually arrive at the meetup time, say, 7 o'clock instead of leaving the house at 7. Whether it's meeting up with friends or catching a flight, or going to see Kylie live in May(yes!), I never wanna be late, unless it's totally out of my control. It's not as serious as it sounds but it happens from time to time, like having a bad hair day, and it's not cool with me. I'm sure I'm not alone on this, right?