< Summer is just around the corner and I have a sudden urge to shop. I want some nice tanks and pants other than black. Speaking of tanks, when I was at work the other day, it got so hot I almost took off my blazer and skimped around the office with a racerback! And I want shoes. How lovely are those saddles? I'll have to find a pair from the thrifts because you know us vintage vultures ain't got the—rubs thumb against index and middle fingers—for Duckies. Alright, have a sweet weekend! Other happy finds :

+ Loving these Seattle hotspots from I ART U.
+ The 50 Things every graphic design student should know from Jamie Wieck.
+ Sicily through the eyes of La Maison d'Anna G.
+ Inspiring 4th Grade Portraits by Jude Gelles via Grizzly Bear Modern.