I found a painting of Sally Draper at a thrift. Isn't she a doll? Will that show come back already? Going through major Mad Men withdrawals. And I discovered a few gnarly yellow mushrooms growing in a planter the other day. At first, I thought Beatrice vomited or something. That would've been gross.

Thanks for coming out to play this week. I'm beyond ecstatic that my lithograph sold out! Thank you so much for buying a print. I'm working on getting a second edition out soon. I'll be stopping by the Rose Bowl flea market on Sunday for some treasure hunting.

Have a wonderful, thrifty weekend, vintage vultures!

+ Sally Lou Vintage visits OLD BRAND NEW!
+ So happy I get to work with this radiant gal.
+ Big thanks to West Elm for the sweetest shout out on facebook! Totally made my day, my week!