Finally, jury duty is over! Woo hooray! It was a hung jury. Bummer, I know. Two and half weeks went down the drain. It was kinda fun though, ain't gonna lie.

Other than that, lots of things happening elsewhere for OLD BRAND NEW.

I just got word that Modernica is having their annual sale this Saturday. And check it out, remember when I got a rocker last year from their sale and blogged about it? Well, they're using one of them on their site for their fiberglass chairs. I'm super duper excited! I only grabbed a chair last year but I have a feeling I'll be walking away with a more goodies this time around. Think lamps, planters, more chairs or a bedframe? Check here for the sales pricing list. Anyone in LA going?

It's delicious food week over at Where The Lovely Things Are and I've contributed some of my faves along with other awesome bloggers like Miss Moss and Pennyweight! Yum's the word!

And finally, I snapped a few shots of Justina for her feature over at Fly Girl. What an inspiring creature!

That's about it. Have a wonderful weekend, my vintage vultures!