Shuffling things around in my living room with the new butterfly coffee table and the case study planter I got from the Modernica Warehouse sale. I was pretty much sold on the hairpin legs on the table. And it's so sculptural. And I couldn't resist on a sweet planter. I planted a sansevieria, aka snake plant, aka mother in law's tongue. Fun names for those suckers, huh? If I can recommend any plant to grow in your home, this is the one. They will thrive even when you neglect it. They're also excellent air purifiers.

And my little Sass&Peril lion pillow returned. My niece grew out of it so I took it back. All she cares for right now are Little Mermaid gizmos and gadgets. And brassy Süsk is enjoying the fresh florals I picked for her.

A couple before living room photos : one + two