My holiday weekend was very relaxing. I did all my shopping on Christmas Eve. It wasn't stressful at all. All the stores had deeper discounts that day and surprisingly fewer people. That evening, I took my family out for Chinese comfort food. We warmed our bellies with soupy noodles. And the next morning, I had them over at my new home to crack open presents. Later in the evening, I went to celebrate my friend, Kim's birthday. We had a Chinese family style dinner and it was yummytastic. I took a couple rolls of film which I'll be dropping off today.

Oh, and my mom loves our new home. I don't think she wanted to leave, neither did my niece. They thought it was very cozy. The place is slowly but surely coming together. I got a new plant. It's a Dracaena "Janet Craig Compacta." They're like fireworks. It was mine the second I had my eyes on it at Home Depot. So, how did your holiday weekend go? Tell me stories!