L O V E T R I ▲ N G L E

Heyo! It's already February. It's hard to believe that the year is almost over. Ha! The weather has been warmer than usual here which means this Valentine's, it's gonna be sizzlin'! Not sure what we're doing but I do have a few presents in mind for the heartmate. One of them involves a trip to the desert.

But let's talk about this freaken awesome, pale pink triangle pouch I got from my sweet, sweet friend, Jen. She's too good to me. Anymore gifts like this, I'm gonna have to give my heartmate the boot! Talk about a real love triangle! We love triangles. But who doesn't? I love the simplicity of this pouch. I'm storing change and rings in it for now. I have a habit of wearing rings and losing them because I take them off a couple hours later. This pouch was handcrafted by her talented friend, Tuftsmania. He doesn't have a shop but maybe if you bug him on twitter, you can get a hold of one? Mohawk General Store also stocks a couple in different colors.

And below, I rounded up some of my favorite triangle treats in case you have no idea what to get for your boo (or yourself, cos if you don't treat yourself, who will?!) this Valentine's.