I went to NYC two weekends ago to celebrate my buddy's dirtiest birthday. The last time I was there was in 2008 so this trip was long, long overdue. Lots of yummy food were digested which I'll post all about it later this week. And I spotted Scott Schuman, the super talented photographer behind The Sartorialist! He was resting against his bike with a cup of coffee, most likely taking a fashion pause before the shows. I was so starstruck I bolted into Starbucks like a teenage girl. Actually, a teenage girl would've ran up to the guy and asked for a photo. So, no, I was just a shy sheep. Baaah! Oh well. I had a fantastic time in New York. All we did was eat and pranced around the streets in the frigid weather, which was a refreshing change. The waffles picture is from Beauty & Essex. Pretty interiors, has a speakeasy vibe. Really dim. Food was nice but I wasn't drooling over it. The brussel sprouts were delicious though. I'd go again for drinks. For dinner we went to The Mermaid Inn. I had the blackened catfish and it was just divine. Anyway, I have more photos coming. It's gonna be a New York week! :)