Jim Houser is having a solo show in Los Angeles at LeBasse Projects March 10th—April 7th. I've been a fan of Jim Houser's paintings for a few years now. His work is a visual feast. They're vibrant and loaded with puzzling and playful information. He has a way of making his strange and personal thoughts look deceptively simple. And I love the color palette he works with, just blues and reds. I'm really excited to go the opening tomorrow night to meet the Philadelphia-based artist and to check out his awesome paintings and installations. If you are in LA, hop on over! It's from 6—9pm. For more info about the artist and the show, check out LeBasse Projects.

Have a lovely weekend, my vintage vultures. I'll be Rose Bowling it up again. Let's hope I find some goodies for the shop. Anything you guys have in mind that I should look out for?