I was so lucky to attend the grand opening of Poketo's brick and mortar store in Downtown Los Angeles last night with Jennifer. It was absolutely wonderful and inspiring to see the dynamic, creative duo, Ted and Angie grow their love of "art for your everyday" into a space where you can seriously visit everyday. It's nestled in the arts district which is a hop and a skip away from Little Tokyo. I love this part of town. It makes me really miss Downtown a lot and I almost wanna move back because it's still very up and coming and it's always fun to be part of something new and happening.

There were lots of goodies at the shop—clothes, bags, housewares, books, home decor, candles, jewelry, basically everything you need for a vibrant, fun and tasteful lifestyle. I was really drawn to all the colorful accessories. The space has great lighting and it feels like there's something really special going on here. I mean, there are plenty of cool stores in LA but Poketo makes you feel like you're part of the creative community. And I think a lot of that has to do with the vibe that both Ted and Angie naturally give off. They seem so genuine and so cool and fun. You can feel their awesomeness all around. It was such a happy place. I have to go back because I'm so eyeing these pyramid necklaces. So, do check out Poketo if you're in town. And you can grab yummy beer and sausages next door at Wurstküche before or after!

Also, I had a blast meeting some fellow instagrammers in real life! Hey @tawny! and @joycejchai :D