I've mentioned my wunderful friend, Gloria, aka WunderGlo before. She was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer a couple of years back and she's kicking cancer's ass and inspiring people along the way. She's started her own colon cancer non-profit which I helped out in designing the logo, and now, she's embarking on another adventure in designing t-shirts, especially for patients and their loved ones.

Her line is called 12 Rounds for the Cancer Warrior, evoking a boxing theme and also referencing the fact that a normal chemotherapy treatment regimen consists of 12 rounds of chemo. She wants these shirts to help be the uniform for other patients, a way to inspire them to face their challenges with courage and confidence. I've seen and felt the shirts, and they are so super soft, like vintage-style soft, and they're pretty rad. Even though she's designed these shirts with patients in mind, many of them can be worn by anyone. And to top it off, 1/3 of the proceeds of each shirt sale goes directly to her non-profit, The WunderGlo Foundation, so she can continue to support hospitals, doctors, and research programs that get us closer to the cure.

Gloria is trying to raise some money for her t-shirt line so she can take it to the next level and she needs your support. She's in the middle of a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo and it's ending in ten days! So, take a moment and watch the video, make a pledge, and share her project, and her story with everyone you know! Thanks, everyone! And have a fantastic weekend!