The Y Bench gets a vignette update! It's still very similar to the old one but I added more breathing room on the bench and I swapped out some of the art on the walls. You know me, I love a salon wall. And here's my little trick when it comes to hanging a cluster of art. Before you start hanging, place all the artwork on the floor so you can mess around with it. I like to create columns and within those columns, you center each artwork vertically. Here, I have three columns. I start from the middle, then expand outwards. I like a 2—2.5 inch vertical spacing but you can always make it tighter. And once you're set on the arrangement, go ahead and hang it. I eyeball it from here. And yes, some of those artworks aren't perfectly centered but why would you want it so perfect anyway? :) Also, another fun thing I did in this vignette is put a glass vase in one of the planters, it adds another level to that power of three and makes it more interesting. Hope some of these tips help you vintage vultures out there. I'd love to see what you've done to your vignettes.