Ice cream sandwiches have always been a staple in our family fridge. Probably because it was my mom's favorite thing in the world. And it wasn't the good kind like It's It or the ones you can get nowadays from Diddy Riese. She always brought home a box of those totally artificial ones from Thrifty. You know, the rectangle dark brown ones wrapped in paper and they would always stick to your fingers. Still yummy though. And then one summer, my aunt started making ice cream sandwiches at home, scooping mint or vanilla ice cream onto hamburger buns or even Wonderbread. I thought it was brilliant so I started to make my own ice cream concoctions.

For awhile I was eating ice cream sandwiches for breakfast. Some people eat cereal or donuts or sip on a cup of jo. Not me! For this decadent dessert day, I went to the a local cafe/bakery, Cafe Tropical and scooped up a few yummies, like, banana bread, coconut macaroon, and a chocolate croissant. Simply cut them in half and fill it up with ice cream. I like to use french vanilla. Easy peasy. Hope you all get a chance to have some ice cream sandwiches today. If not, then this weekend, cause let's be real, everyday is ice cream sandwich day!