So, after reading Wilder, I got inspired to take some planty portraits, I mean, selfies. I plucked a banana leaf from my aunt's garden and went to town with it. This photo was taken with my iPhone 5s using the facecam, and developed with vscocam. Usually, I use a self-timer app, like, TimerCam, but I was surprised how well it turned out. I used the AE/AF lock feature, of course. Are you guys familiar with the AE/AF (Auto Exposure/Auto Focus) lock for your photos on your iPhone? You simply touch your screen and hold it for a sec and you'll see a tiny yellow box with AE/AF pop up. This way, you can lock the exposure, which controls your brightness and the focus which you can play with macros shots or #bluronpurpose photos. So, when I snapped this photo of myself, I locked it by pointing at the brightest hot spot, basically directly into the light. This allows me to continuously snap photos of myself (I know, how extremely conceited) without having to adjust the exposure each time. Hope that was a good explanation. Give it a try and tell me how it works out for ya! And have fun jamming to The Perfect Kiss by New Order!