We survived Portland's wild snowstorm! It was so much fun! When Justina and I arrived in Portland, the city was still grey with no signs of snow. I had no idea it was going to be such an event until the employees at Alamo car rental warned us a big one was coming in. They persuaded us to upgrade our car to a heavier one with more traction on the wheels. I was skeptical about the upgrade but Justina didn't want to chance it so we got a Camry Avalon instead of a cute Mini Cooper. As I drove out of Alamo's lot, I saw a small fluff of snow float by. And about 30 mins into the city, it started to come down. Neither of us have experience driving in the snow but I was totally chill about it. I thought whatever, we're boho, we can do anything! I'll just white knuckle through this if I have to. It wasn't scary at all. The streets were empty so it was easy to navigate around the city. It was great! I enjoy the cold weather so I was excited about everything. We were in Portland for three days where I photographed some beautiful homes and met up really sweet and talented creative creatures. I'll show a few behind the scenes tomorrow!