As we get ready for Fall, Australia's awesome shelter mag, Inside Out is heading into Spring with fun pops of yellow.

Justina Blakeney's new Face the Foliage portraits of famous fashionistas seriously blew me away. Isn't this one of Grace Coddington brilliant? Check out the rest!

Spaces Volume Two is by the talented folks behind frankie magazine. This bookazine documents homes of creatives from Australia. Ah, another awesome Australian publication. They are doing great stuff down there. One day, I'm gonna have a book published with all my favorite creatives. What should we call it? Old Brand New Spaces? Creative Creatures?

Anyway, so it looks like we won the Patina Cabana Challenge! Thanks for voting for me. You guys rock. We win a teepee! We're gonna set it up at the jungalow and throw a garden party :D And don't forget that everyone's getting 15% off our social media seminar at The Creative Residency! Sign up today and use code ITSNEVERTOOLATE!

Alrighty, my vintage vultures it's gonna be a long sweet weekend and I hope you all enjoy the last bits of summer!