A few weeks ago, Patina contacted me to be part of their cabana challenge. I'm competing against some really talented folks too, like, House of BrinsonZio & SonsCoco & Mingo, and Stone Fox Bride. Patina is a furniture rental company based in Brooklyn, NY. They have beautiful vintage furniture, moroccan rugs, and even mirrors to rent from. They have a great eye. So, with all this sweetass stuff for me to play with, the challenge wasn't too hard, even though I only had 30 minutes to design it. Yes, THIRTY minutes! Luckily, I had two studly dudes help me carry furniture around. Going in, I knew I wanted to create a cozy living room within the cabana and when I saw the fireplace mantel in their showroom, that was my starting point. Then came along the velvet sofa and chaise and the peacock chairs. I had to flip the rugs around because they were too colorful and totally clashing with the sofa. The underpart of the rugs were more subtle so that worked out well. Then I just went to town with a bohemian romantic vibe. What do you guys think? Help me win a teepee by liking my cabana on Patina's instagram!

Just peachy.

All faux fireplaces should have a bar cart in front of them.

Using lots of mirrors to create more light in the cabana.

Practicing on my candid wedding smile! ;P

Say what? There's a man under the mantel? Mmhmm. And a smoking stand becomes a drinking stand.

Florals by Darlington • Portraits of me by David Toquica