California is in a serious drought. And it's especially alarming after seeing these before and after photos of the golden state.  Even though I'm in New Orleans now and there's no shortage of water here, I'm still mindful of how much water I use. It's always good to be mindful about everything you do. Anyway, the talented folks at ITAL/C created a series of fun illustrations to bring awareness and tips to save water. My showers have always been quick and often on the colder side. I've know many people love their long and hot showers. I'm not one of them. If you love it that much, consider going to a spa. It's just a waste of time, too. I could be blogging! Also, I remember as kids, my cousins and I would race to see who could shower the quickest. I won. So if you got kids, that could be a fun activity.

I cringe a little about this yellow mellow one. It'll feel like a public bathroom where other people's piss is splashing all over and onto you. I remember nagging at my ex about it. Like, how incredibly lazy he was when he didn't flush right after. Now he deserves a trophy for water conservation!

How often do you guys wash your denim? I read that Levi's CEO recommends not washing your denim often. In fact, just don't wash them. The guy hasn't washed his in over a year. This apparently maintains the longevity of your jeans. I think maybe washing them twice a year is fine, depending on how sweaty you are down there. ;P