Justina just sent me the final version for the cover of The New Bohemians book and it's super! Six months ago, we handed Abrams the manuscript with the 220 photos we picked out from the 40,000 I snapped. We could probably publish 10 more books with all these photos. It's gonna be out next spring which seems so far away but I know it's gonna go by so quickly. In the meantime, here are some bohemian still lifes for you to enjoy.

When I get asked what are some tips to photographing interiors. I always tell them to use a tripod. That being said, you can't let the tripod dictate you like a ball and chain. It's good to free yourself from it so you can dance around the space. I like to pretend I'm the figure ice skater, Kristi Yamaguchi, like I'm flowing and spinning around effortlessly and artistically to look for those magical vignettes.

And when I snap still lifes of people, it's not just about the face, it's also about capturing their body language, their mood, the way they use their bodies, what they're wearing, or even how long their nails are. Ha!