Things to Do in Boston

Whenever I travel, I always pack way too many film cameras with me. Some people overpack clothes and shoes. I overpack cameras. A medium format, point and shoot, rangefinder, and a polaroid? I got them all! And like all over packers, none of them actually make it out of the bag. That's because...damn iPhones! They just makes it so much easier to carry around. But I'm trying my best to bust out my Canon AE-1 more often on trips.

So, when I went to Boston last month with Han, I made sure to carry at least my Canon AE-1 at all times. I just got the film back and it's always a happy surprise to see how the photos turned out. Han and I were there for a weekend as part of Hampton by Hilton's Ultimate Seekender team. We're partnering with Hampton by Hilton to inspire you guys to seek unique weekend experiences. Seekenders pretty much base their travel around four types of passions which are; food, sports, music or the great outdoors. And I'm all about all those things. Yes, even sports! Go Dodgers! Go Serena! Go Saints?! Haha. 

Here are some of the sweet places we sought out when we were in Boston. We took Lyft the entire time. We asked the drivers for recommendations so it was a great way to find out some of the local's favorites. Also, if you missed the first post, check out the 5 Oyster Bars in Boston we went to.

It was a delicious start to our day getting breakfast at Tatte Bakery in Beacon Hill. Try the avocado tartine with poached eggs. Yum. 

After breakfast, we wandered around the neighborhood and strolled through Boston Public Garden which was pretty lush.

From one public place to another, we hopped over to The Boston Public Library. It's so grand and marble-ous. They have a courtyard which you can get snacks and easily chill for hours.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is definitely worth checking out. It's like a castle and the garden was spectacular. It was also fascinating to read about the museum's 1990 art heist which remains unsolved. 

I loved seeing this couple getting oysters at The Union Oyster House. That over-the-shoulder water bottle sack is kind of adorable. And you see, it's never too late to be a Seekender!

It was our first time at Hampton by Hilton and it's a nice hotel. I really enjoyed their indoor pool with a view of the South End part of Boston. And this bokeh photo is from their elevator lobby.

And doing what I do best! We got ice cream in Cambridge after oysters. This was at Toscanini's.

We strolled along the Massachusetts bridge after getting ice cream which offers a fantastic view of the Boston skyline and it was the perfect way to end our trip. 

Here's a fun travel statistic created by Hampton by Hilton. And New Orleans is on there! :D