New Works • Simply Frames Makes it Fun & Easy to Hang Art

Earlier this year, the really awesome online framing service, Simply Framed reached out to me about doing some framing of my works. They're all about making it easy and affordable to frame art. And they knew I had an affinity for creating gallery walls. So, I began creating a new series of drawings with fiber. I was inspired by an artwork I found from a thrift store about five years ago. And instead of weaving entirely with yarn, I wanted to work with paper because as a former printmaker, I absolutely love paper. 

Once I finished creating these drawings, it was time to frame. After years of using cheap and dinky ones from Ikea and Target, I'm now getting legit with my framing. I've tried local frame shops before, too, and they can be overwhelming and expensive. Initially, I wanted white mats with different frame styles to mix it up. But after sending my artworks to Simply Framed with the shipping labels they provided, they recommended floating them instead and to use the same light walnut frame for all of them. And I'm so happy with how everything turned out.

I have one more piece to show you next week. It's a huge one. And I'll also be giving a framed artwork away so stay tuned! 

Simply Framed does a fantastic job at making it feel simple and fun to pick out frames in less than five steps! Seriousnessly, dust off your artworks that's been hiding in your closet and get them framed. It'll transform your space. 

Our living room is huge and it's been quite a challenge to decorate. For me, a great way to add some personality and also to fill up any space is hanging art on the walls. And one of my go-to styling tips is pairing a small gallery wall with a bench below. Then sprinkle some tchotchkes on it and bam! A little happy vignette. It really makes a huge difference. 

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