Green Accessories I’m Wearing All Autumn 

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As soon as autumn hits, it seems like the world goes pumpkin spice crazy. And I’m not just talking about lattes: the popularity of everyone’s favorite fall beverage has catapulted pumpkin spice into territory well beyond their coffee clutch. In fact, now you can even buy clothes and cosmetics marketed as the flavor/color, which is precisely why this season I’m going green. No shade against pumpkin (I mean who doesn’t love it?) but when it comes to my seasonal style, I’m gravitating toward a more earthy hue—think shades like olive and army green. Green is actually an amazingly wearable and flattering color for practically any skin tone, so why not try incorporating it into your own fall wardrobe? To give a few ideas how, I’ve listed five green items that are #FillYourCartwithColor worthy. You can easily find them on eBay where 87% of the items are new and their wide selection keeps growing.

Green sunglasses are the perfect gateway to experimenting with color. Sure, they’re on your face so they’ll definitely be making a statement, but trying a pair of cool frames in that autumnal green hue is totally do-able, even for those who typically shy away from color. If you want to really highlight it, pick a thicker, more substantial frame with tinted green lens. And if you just want to dabble, look for one with just green frames. 

I feel like a cardholder is a seriously underrated accessory. I like how slim they are which forces me to only carry the essentials, like ID, credit card, and a few business cards. It might seem like more of a tucked-away item, but imagine the scenario when you’re giving someone your card: you’re trying to tell them a bit more about who you are. If who you are is stylish, creative, and put-together, then you probably want to invest in a cool cardholder. They're less bulky and perfect for a night on the town. I’ll be utilizing a green one for the season: it’s not too in-your-face with color, but I think it shows I’m thoughtful about my style. 

An olive or hunter green dress shirt can be worn as easily with a pair of your favorite jeans or with your suit to any formal affairs in fall. Because it’s a more visible piece of clothing, it’s also a good way to show a lot of the color if you love it!

Personally, I think earthy green is practically a neutral. That said, getting a green watch won’t just limit you to one season—you can literally wear it with anything. And if you’re someone who likes to switch it up on a regular basis, try a watch with removable, changeable bands. You can rock the green one now, and then change it with the seasons or for any special occasions. It’s such an easy way to play with color without a huge commitment. 


Okay, technically you’re not exactly wearing a journal on your body, but if you’re like me, you carry it with you everywhere and therefore it’s an extension of your look. It's an accessory!

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