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As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently got the opportunity to head to Salt Lake City with an amazingly talented group of influencers (Coco Kelley’s Cassandra LaValle, Little Green Notebook’s Jenny Komenda, Simply Grove’s Kirsten Grove, and At Home With Ashley’s Ashley Wilson) for the #OverstockStyle Weekend, where we were treated to the surprise of touring a home with rooms designed after each of our individual aesthetics. We all had a blast seeing the way the Overstock designers had completely captured our styles, but we also got to spend part of the weekend working on our own creative project with the company. 

It was my first time visiting Salt Lake City, the home of Overstock’s Peace Coliseum, and I was so impressed by it. Once we made it to the photo studio, we were presented with our challenge: to design a space around one of their most popular chairs. The studio was such a cool space and is where all of Overstock’s designers create the rooms you see on the website. We all got free rein of the inventory stock room—I think our eyes collectively lit up at the possibilities! I’ve always known that on Overstock you can shop a ton of stylish pieces for the home at great prices, but seeing so many pieces in person really put the scope of their selection into perspective. 

For my room, I took inspiration from a bird of paradise plant. Particularly the balance of warm and cool—in this case, yellow and green—tones of the tropical flower. Let's call it Dab of Paradise! The chair itself is an upholstered, rounded back, mid-century accent chair, and because the color was neutral (espresso) and the design was simple but contemporary, it was truly like having a blank canvas to work with. Honestly this chair could work in so many different spaces. No wonder it’s a best seller! I chose to work in color by way of accent pieces: a green woven ottoman, tons of decorative pillows, in shades of yellow and orange, like this fringe pillow, vases, throw blankets, and—of course—no space of mine would be complete without a handful of plant babies. 

Bringing in color through accessories is also a great way to start for those who tend to be cautious of going overboard, or simply don’t know where to start. Your big investment pieces can be in more neutral shades so that it grounds the room, like this navy velvet sofawooden side table, Moroccan rug, and gorgeous peacock mirror. And when you switch up your space, they’ll still work with another color palette—just swap in new pillows, throws, and other small details. And when you shop at Overstock, you can find tons of truly gorgeous and colorful pieces in the Worldstock shop on the site. Worldstock is the section that offers artisan-crafted, fair trade items, so if you’re as into the eclectic, modern bohemian look as I am, you’ll love this option! Let's also see how the other designers created their living room around the popular chair. Our styles are so different but I love how they all turned out!

Designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

Designed by Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook

Designed by Ashley Wilson of At Home With Ashley

 Designed by Cassandra LaValle of Coco Kelley

And if seeing my design challenge (or any of the other designers’) makes you want one of these super versatile chairs in your own home, you’re in luck: Overstock is giving one away to a lucky winner and all you have to do to enter is comment your favorite color. Easy, right? Then you can create your very own design challenge! Giveaway has ended.

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