One Room Challenge Fall • Week 4

We are chugging along for the One Room Challenge. And when I say chug, I mean I'm chugging five gallons of water because there's a major heatwave happening in Los Angeles, which has made painting a little difficult. I started and stopped 30 mins in. I'm gonna wait til it cools down this weekend to finish the job. So...I went all in with the calke greenIt's showing up more lime than sage in the photos but in person, it's really pretty. But...I'm slightly on the fence about it.

A few frurniture pieces arrived this week. We got a hanging chair and faceted planter delivery from Hayneedle. Rattan chairs and side table are from Article. They were the first to come and already look so good in the backyard space. I'm kinda digging the dark fence with the wood and rattan combo. I'm so torn! And we're more than halfway to the finish line!

So...we got some major news to share. Linda, the creator of the One Room Challenge extended this an extra week for the first time in ORC history. Unfortunately, there have been too many disasters (hurricanes and wildfires) leading up to and during the challenge, so lots of scheduled work and shipments have been delayed for many designers. Sending lots of love to everyone affected by them. The final reveal date will be Nov. 15. This will give everyone much needed time to complete the challenge. 

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