One Room Challenge • Week Four


FOURTEEN DAYS! I repeat! We only have two more weeks left before our big guesthouse reveal! We got this! The good news is, all the large mounds of concrete are gone. And engineered wood floors from Overstock arrived over the weekend so we’re working fast and furiously to float them all down with QuietWalk floor underlayment. That’ll help absorb sound and create a moisture barrier. I went with a maple tamarindo color. It’ll add warmth and richness to the space.

I also picked up lots of Behr paint samples. So many greens to choose from, so little time and space. I’m set on this one dusty pink but I’m struggling on narrowing down two greens. At least the walls and ceilings are almost done. I painted it white (Behr • Polar Bear).

All the tiles are on their way as I type. We are installing them immediately after the wood floors are done. I’m a little nervous about the cabinets getting here in time. I do have some back up plans just in case. Countertops, check! It was a tough choice. I decided to go with an all-white stone since we have a graphic backsplash. But all these veiny quartz are so pretty.

Let’s see…what else arrived? Rugs from, shades from SelectBlinds, fabric from Fabricut, and pillows from SWD Studio. We’re so close. I still need to get a pre-hung shaker door. I’m also considering a compact dishwasher. Is that overkill or sweet for the guests? I wouldn’t put it on the counter though. It would either be in cabinet, which means guests would need to open two doors just to load dishes, or I swap out a cabinet for one. It’s hard to make these really quick decisions sometimes. I start to second guess myself and then it’s just downhill from there. But I mean, we have 14 days left. Plenty of time, right?! I ain’t pressed! Thankfully, this challenge is running pretty smoothly. I’m gonna have my dad spend the next week or so in the guest house so we can power through it together. He’ll be our first guest! Alright, see you next week!

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