One Room Challenge • Week Five

We’re done with our guesthouse! Lol. I’m totally bluffing. We probably need three more weeks but here we are, just seven days away from the reveal when in reality, we only have five days to work on it cause we plan to photograph it next Tuesday, which happens to be the midterm elections. It’s gonna be a nail-biting kind of day. Oof. We made lots of progress since last week though.

Let’s say hello to all the yellows! I decided to paint the bathroom a similar color to our New Orleans dining room. It’s kinda like a nod to our first One Room Challenge. I know, so predictable but when a color works, why not keep using it? Can we make yellow the new white?! Haha! We also have Moroccan cement tiles installed on the floor with white subway tiles stacked vertically on the walls. All we need is grout and seal. Hardwood floors are done so kitchen cabinets are going in today. I’m still going back and forth on painting them and I need to make a decision asap. There are a million little things to do but we’ll get them done by next Wednesday for you all! I can’t wait! Be sure check out the featured designers and guest participants this season. There are so many fun spaces!

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