When Your Bedroom is Also Your Office


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Back in December, I shared with you all one of my latest savvy home additions: my Sengled smart bulbs. As I continue to personalize our new LA pad, I’m finding more and more ways to make our space even smarter. And now I’m zeroing in on the place where the magic happens, the bedroom.

We all know the reasons why creating a warm, welcoming, and functional space in your boudoir is so important. First of all, quality sleep is something I can’t compromise on to be my best self so it’s crucial that where I lay my head down needs to be a place where I can tune out and unwind. But where it gets complicated is, my bedroom also happens to be where I get most of my work done. Whether it’s editing photos, responding to emails, or banging out a new blog post, most of my tasks are done right in bed. I’m literally in bed right now as I type this and it’s 11pm. Ha! I know there are many articles out there that say you should separate your work from your sleep but it’s working for me…until maybe I get a legit office. 

That’s right, I don’t have a desk in my home! It’s just me, my glass of water, and my laptop posted up most of the time. And I know for many of you that might sound like a dream (and on days where I’m not in the mood to change out of my pj’s, it is!), it also presents a problem: knowing how to shift from snooze mode to work mode. And as crazy it may sound, my Sengled Element Classic Bulbs are helping me do just that. 

The bulbs offer accessible, smart lighting technology. Just by simply swapping out a regular bulb for a Sengled one (its literally as easy as that), I can control the ambience of my space digitally. And they also work in conjunction with your favorite smart home device, like Google Home so you can brighten or dim with the command of your voice, set specific lighting for specific times, and even create mood by changing the color temperature.  

Because I work from my bed, sometimes it’s hard to switch gears when I want to move from business to pleasure. When it’s time to relax, read, or cuddle up with my heartmate, it’s super easy for me to change the environment with lighting — even without lifting a finger. I’ve strategically decorated the space to feel calm and earthy with lots of neutrals and accents of natural elements like wood and jute. And because it looks just like a regular bulb, my Sengled Element Classic Bulb doesn’t interrupt the vibe I’ve created. Once the computer’s put away for the day and the lighting is set accordingly, the bedroom is the tranquil sleep heaven of my literal dreams. 

Another thing that’s great about using Sengled’s smart bulbs is the sustainability aspect. With Earth Day having just passed, my heartmate and I are trying to come up with more ways to live green. We already try to keep waste at a minimum and live by a one-song-long shower policy (honestly, sometimes I’m done before the song is even finished!), and using these energy-saving bulbs fits perfectly into our mission. It’s just another way we’re able to continue creating a space to live the kind of life we want. 

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