Hello Smart Doorbell!

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By now you probably all know I love me a good gadget. Whether it’s a device to help me put on my favorite playlist while I race around the house trying to multi-task or just a super smart phone that can help me manage my schedule, edit photos in a flash, and much more, I’ve always love the latest tech goodies. That’s why I was especially excited to work with the new Nest Hello doorbell camera. 

My home is definitely my happy place, and because my heartmate and I have had some safety issues with our home in the past, Nest Hello seemed like the perfect addition to our home — especially because we’d also just upgraded to a Nest x Yale lock and are loving it. The doorbell camera was insanely easy to install and has a sleek, simple design that’s seamless with our décor. It works by showing me a head-to-toe video of who’s at the door via my Nest app, no matter where I am. With Nest Aware, Nest Hello can detect familiar faces for friends and family, who are always welcome.. If it’s someone unfamiliar or even suspicious, we can communicate with him or her without even having to open the door, and we’ve got 24/7 (yep, night vision included!) HD video footage in case we need it. It’s honestly like having our very own personal doorman working round the clock! And my heartmate is mostly excited about this because he can keep track of me leaving and entering the house, since he's still in New Orleans. What a total creeper, right?! Haha!

A little before and after of our front door. I added some plants and a new rug. Let's see how the rug will hold up. I feel like I can easily toss it in the washer if it gets too dirty. Also, I am loving the front door ombré effect in these photos. It's so trippy because it's not like that in person. 

Here's a screenshot from my phone of the Nest Hello in action. It's pretty neat! 

Anywho, one of my favorite things about Nest Hello is being able to be there even when I’m not actually there. If the delivery person arrives with something I’ve been waiting for, I can set a pre-recorded message for what he or she can do with it, like asking them to leave it in a specific place or with a neighbor. This is a dream, considering how often I find myself coming home to a notice that I’ve missed yet another package. And if something gets left at the door, the doorbell cam helps me keep an eye on it. I can check in at anytime and if I happen to see someone touching or eyeing it, a simple “Hello?” alone can help deter any shady activity. 

I think it’s pretty clear I’m always putting love into my home(s): swapping out new furniture finds, adding in art, or changing up the paint colors. But besides the aesthetics, I’m continuously more interested in the ways I can make it more livable and functional. Nest Hello is helping me do exactly that. Now our little casa is safer and smarter than ever, and it’s helping us live our lives just that much easier. 

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