Feast your eyes on my fourth home tour—the holiday edition. Oh, where do I even begin? Sorry for dumping so many photos all at once. They all came out really great, even though it was a bit of a struggle getting good lighting since it's dark and grey and pouring out there. LA's been hit with a big storm and I'm so loving it.

Let's get down to tour business, shall we? The bedroom went through a few changes. It used to look like this. I'm a fan of low beds so this is working for me. After some simple bedroom inspiration from my weekend post, I picked out my favorite elements and made it work.

Everything is a work in progress, but the space that needs more love is the creative / office area. What I really wanna do is cover the walls with artwork. At least I have my record player, it's now on a small table that used to be our nightstand. It's practically made for it and I've been playing Sinatra and Nat King Cole Christmas records all day. Oh, I'm soo ready for Christmas!

All the decorations are in full force but that doesn't mean I went Christmas-crazy, or did I? I kept it minimal. All I have up is the snowflake rope light, the Polaroid Tree, and the spuknik mobile, which is getting some love from happy mundanewhorange, curblydesign crush, and the seventy tree. Thank you, my lovelies!

And I'll just wrap it up with a photo of Beatrice hogging my Eames rocker. I'm not even joking, she loves that thing more than treats, more than me! Yeah, Merry Christmas to you, Beatrice Arthur! I need to take a video of her rocking out on it—it's hilarious! Anyway, enough jabbering, I'll let you enjoy the tour. Happy holidays everyone!