Yesterday's photos were a bit on the dark side so let me brigten today up with this Thrasher lithograph I found over the weekend. I googled endlessly for the tiniest ounce of dirt on this guy but there's really not much about him out there. His full name is Virgil Thrasher(not 100% sure) and I think this lithograph was printed in the 1970s? Yeah, that's about it. It looks good next to the Duane Armstrong painting, though.

So, my vintage market Etsy shop is up and running! I'm so excited. I just added a pencil sharpener and I'm throwing in a photograph I took of it. I'm thinking of doing this for everything I sell, just a way to remember it forever and also a way to thank my vintage vultures. I mean, it's hard parting with some of these beautiful artifacts so I gotta remember it somehow, right? Seems like a sweet and fun thing to do and I hope everyone will love it.

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