Rain's been coming down pretty hard in LA so I'm hibernating at home and tossing things around for the home tour. While tidying up the place, I noticed all these thrifty knickknacks are piling up, so guess what? I opened an Etsy shop so I can pass on my beautiful artifacts to all my lovely, vintage vultures. The shop's called Old Brand New Vintage Market. I'll be adding things in the next couple of days so check back soon for tons of goodies for a dime!

And now, moving on to thrifty news. Check out this German MKM ceramic bottle I found. These stoneware were used for packaging beer, wine, and oils. It's solidly made and feels impossible to break, like I could use it as a hammer, but of course I'm gonna use it as a vase instead. Yep, that's all. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!