My new pen pal, Will over at Bright.Bazaar recently featured my home and he did a SPECTACULAR job putting it together and making it look beautiful and playful, like straight out of a magazine! His blog is filled to the brim with all things inspiring, mostly brilliant ideas to make your home even more beautiful. Some of my favorite posts are his 10 Things I Loved and Learned. Go check out his fabulous blog, you're gonna love it. And to see the rest of my home, right over here.

Let me give you a little snippet about my old home. I lived in a 1920s building with exposed brick walls and plenty of windows to soak in that California sunshine. It was a loft that opened up to about 840 sqft. and was home to me, my heartmate and the wee little Beatrice Arthur. Almost all the furniture and things you see were either thrifted or from Craigslist. My style is kinda all over the place, vintage modern, eclectic, basically old brand new! When you love to shop at thrift stores like me, it's a sure thing you'll fall for anything vintage. But I definitely wanted it to be not-so-serious, you know, just playful. And I love color, especially yellow.

Seeing all these photos of my old place really makes me miss the bricks. It gave the space a lot of character, that and also never having to worry about driving nails into it. Now, you're probably thinking that I'm crazy for leaving it but I wanted to explore other parts of downtown LA. And that building was in a totally sketchy, cracked-out area so we had to move. My new home is still in downtown, in a nicer area. No exposed brick walls but plenty of white to balance out all my thrifty things.

A lot of my inspiration comes from art. I really enjoy being surrounded by it. Whether it's from thrift stores, etsy, friends or my own—I want it everywhere! The late Alan Sillitoe once wrote:
"It’s nice to have pictures on the wall, not to look at especially, but they’re company. Even when you’re not looking at them you know they’re there." 
That's exactly how I feel. I was a printmaker in college so I'm all about prints, prints, prints! One of my new year's resolution is to open up my online print shop. It'll be called Toss & Turn and currently in the works. I'm shooting to launch it next month so stay tuned!

Huge thanks to Will @ Bright.Bazzar for featuring my home. Enjoy your weekend, everyone!