I was flipping through photos over the weekend and it hit me that I was in Sydney exactly a year ago. I stayed with my buddy, Jax. He had just moved into a sweet pad and it's near this street called Batman Lane. Yep, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na...Batman! Awesome or what! And surprisingly, I was in town for the wild Mardi Gras parties. That means I was loopy the entire time.

I like Sydney a lot. It actually reminds me of San Francisco with a European flair. It has a really chill atmosphere, people are warm and friendly, air is crisp, and it's super easy to navigate around the city. I went to one op shop, St. Vincent's, I think, but no thrifty luck. There were these awesome looking birds everywhere, called ibises, they're basically public garbage disposals and they look so much prettier than pigeons. The Opera House is magnificent and the view from the Harbour Bridge is breathtaking. Yea, Sydney, I miss you heaps.