Check out this new bad boy. I crammed this Drexel dresser into my wagon last week and got an incredible deal for it. I knocked it down from $50 to $35. It seriously never hurts to ask for a teen–tiny discount at a thrift store. I bat my little lashes for my favorite Salvation Army ladies and it just melts their geriatric heart away. Whatever it takes to save a few bucks. You feel me?

It's about time I updated my dresser. Things have been looking same old, same old around here. Here's the before. I love the ribbed, wooden panels and the gold trims. I definitely think it jibes better with all the knickknacks. The old dresser is relegated as a working station and for storing prints in the workroom.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to get a nice buzz over at Apartment Therapy for my evolving vignettes. Thanks Laure! There were a few comments about it being too cluttered. I'm a listener so I tried the "less is more" approach. This is as less as I will go. What are your thoughts? But of course, it just ended up being like this later. Hah! So don't worry, I don't plan to change my ways around here.