We stayed at Miracle Manor Retreat which is a tranquil 50s bed and breakfast spa-motel in Desert Hot Springs, sandwiched between Joshua Tree and Palm Springs. I learned about this place when I was working for April Greiman many moons ago. Yes, the legendary graphic designer and artist, April Greiman. Her and her partner, Michael Rotondi, who is a crazy famous architect, owns this charming spot and they both restored the motel to become a desert oasis. No kids, no phones, no clocks, no television, not even shoes in the room. We stayed in the one and only master suite (room 4). None of the other rooms have this floor to ceiling view of the desert landscape. It was absolutely magical to see the sunrise, so magical we even had a photo shoot right outside which I'll show more of. So, next time you're in need of some mind, body and soul, quiet time, I strongly recommend a Miracle Manor retreat!

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