Meg Lewis / Ghostly FernsStudio Sweet Studio
So sweet to meet Meg while I was visiting the Studiomates office. If you love cheery, playful and clean designs, Meg does awesome branding work and illustrations. And she has some pretty cool, legit tats.

Will Taylor / Bright Bazaar 
It was like 11:30pm when I took this photo. The group of us were all riesling'd up and were skipping around TriBeCa. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw this lobby with the most vibrant graphic wall. Will and I looked at each other and went for it. #boldmoves! We knocked on the glass door and the nice security in the lobby let us in to take some photos. It was awesome. Anyway, Will is one the chirpiest lads I know. His home decor blog always make me happy. He's currently working on his new book which will feature beautiful and bright homes. Can't wait for it to be published. So proud of him!

Jeanne Chan / Shop Sweet Things
Jeanne took a little break from her cute baby girls to meet up with me at The Mill in SF. Jeanne's got a great eye for design. Check out her lifestyle blog for current trends and deals on fashion, design, kids stuff, and home goods.

Daniel Kanter / Manhattan Nest
Daniel is a wizard when it comes to all things DIY for your home. His befores and afters are always fucking mind blowing brilliant. His blog is a joy to read. He keeps it real. And if you want a little more than DIY tips, well, he has two adorable pooches who make regular appearances, it'll make your heart melt. I need to meet Mekko and Linus one day. Also, don't miss out on his wallpaper giveaway from Hygge & West!

Maxwell Tielman / Maxigumee
This is Daniel's boothang. The two of them together are so freaking cute it makes me want to saw my Y-bench in half. Max is a photographer and an editor for Design*Sponge. That makes them a power couple, like a CUTE power couple, with cute dogs to boot! They're seriously gonna take over the world.

Marc Reagan  
Marc and I were printmaking buddies back in Santa Cruz. We used to grind our limestones and inhale all those deadly fumes together. I miss those glory days and nights of printing in the studio. Marc now works for Bobbi Brown and travels around the world to do amazing work on models and celebrities. Marc also has a major green thumb as you can see. He loves orchids.

Tina Roth Eisenberg / Swiss Miss 
The amazing swiss miss! 

Sean Santiago / *Fruitpunch
I'm so jealous of Sean's fierceness when it comes to style. He's definitely pushing boundaries in men's fashion and I admire that. He's also great at chasing fashionable people down for street style snapshots. He'll make anything work. Hey, Sean, dress me up yeah?! 

Victoria Vu / Paper & Type
You've seen and heard lots about this gal around here. She's a flower child. And a letter writer. 'Nuff said about this talented cutiepie. She real yo. Thanks for entertaining me on the ride up to the bay. 

Satsuki Shibuya
I'm constantly inspired by Satsuki's work. Her typography is ace and she makes really special one-of-a-kind accessories and home goods. And as if she couldn't be any more talented, she's singing again and just released a new song. Check it out here.

Pink power! I'm so happy to see how radiant Bekka looks over there in NYC. She moved a year ago from San Diego. Makes me wanna jump over there so bad too. She's now doing awesome stuff with Tattly. FYI — Tattly's gonna be at UniqueLA in May. I need to stock up on my favorite temp tats.  

Will of Bright Bazaar + Toby / Aaron of West Elm / Jon of Happy Mundane / Susan + William of House of Brinson

These wonderfully talented creative creatures totally made my trip in New York and San Francisco super awesome. It was so great to finally meet my blog homies. It's crazy to think that just three years ago, I was sitting in a hotel room feeling completely and utterly lost and frustrated with my life. Like many bloggers, I looked to blogging as a creative outlet. I needed something to jump start SOMETHING. And I'm beyond thankful for such a supportive and inspiring group. The blog community is best. Thanks, guys!