I think the last time I carried a backpack was in college which was like a decade ago. I love backpacks and I'm noticing more and more people, both men and women carrying them around town lately. I think they're perfect for everyday use, and really great for spontaneous, adventurous people like myself. I like to pack it up because I never know where I'll end up. Everlane just debut their reverse-denim snap backpack and it's wonderful. I love the look of reverse-denim. It's got a neutral texture that goes well with everything. I am all about layering denim on top of denim, too. It's a standard size backpack, but it has plenty of roomy pockets to fit all my favorite cameras and essentials for my daily adventures in the big city.

SO, I have major news about a major move. I'm moving to NYC! In less than two weeks! I'm finally biting the bullet! It's not gonna be permanent, unless, I mean, I find my next heartmate there or something. Haha. I'll be living with a good friend of mine for a few months. And he's totally making me decorate his space so don't fret, there will still be interior styling updates. And I'd love to do home tours when I'm there too. Maybe the boys from Manhattan Nest will be down. Anyway, I'm very excited and I know the Everlane backpack is gonna be perfect for NYC, don't you think?