Even though it's fall, that doesn't mean anyone need to hibernate. The fun part about fall is all in the layering of textiles, rugs, knits, throws, and pillows. And guess what, you can even bring all those fun layers outside!

A couple weeks ago, I worked with Justina on a fall look book for Calypso St. Barth. We wanna show you ways to get really cozy and a little fancy by the sea with some absolutely gorgeous home goods from the Calypso Maison collection. We're calling it Falling into the SeaCheck it out on their site.

For a fall soiree on the beach, we brought a vibrant shag rug and a Moroccan wedding poufbecause Moroccan anything is amaaazing! My heartmate and I are planning a trip to Morocco end of this year, so I hope we go. Maybe we'll get hitched there, too, and bring back some wedding blankets. Haha. Anyway, back to the sea, we also put a woven bench to create a table scape. And bam! How magical and dreamy does this look? And let me tell ya, we got plenty of envious looks from beach passers-by. Justina and I even pretended that we were renewing our vows. They ate it up. I guess we are kinda like blog spouses.

And if you want some alone time by the sea, then you can easily bring a rug, a pillow and a beach throw. A Moroccan wedding blanket can also keep you warm when you dip your toes in the ocean. Hanging out by the sea just got a whole lot fancier!



Moroccan Wedding Pouf Beach Throw • Woven Bench • Teak Candle Holder • Wooden Fruit Bowl • Resin Tray • Briques Shag Rug • Moroccan Wedding Blanket • Alpaca Cardigan • Mocassins • Pillow • Kilim Rug

Styled by Justina Blakeney
Model Kim Luangraj
Photography by Dabito
Sponsored by Calypso St. Barth