Check out Lonny's October issue featuring this beautiful home in Hudson Valley. I am crazy about that hanging macramé. Photo by the talented photographer, Sean Santiago.

I don't know which I want more, the beautiful tiles from Fired Earth or the lamp by Greta Grossman. I'll take everything in this room! It's perfect, including the wall color. Only thing missing are plants! Found this via Whorange.

Okay, this photo might feel a little incongruous from the other interiors. It's my heartmate's home so this is still considered a happy find. Our current living room situation isn't that bad, right? Consider this our before shot. I wanna redo the whole thing which sounds a little disrespectful? He's into decorating, too, so it's tricky. It's almost like working with a client. I think he's got good taste. And I want this home to reflect both of us. I just need to skew it more modern.

Here are the things I wanna get rid of. First thing gone is the sofa bed. Then the ottoman. The red chair has nice bones but it's too big and the red is a bit jarring. Gots to go. Ladder book case. Gots to go. And the dogs. Double gots to go! I'm kidding. They're lovely babies. I guess the only thing staying are the pillows, which Ryan bought from Turkey a couple years ago. And the snake plant. I bought some white paint last week for the walls. It took a lot of convincing because he's afraid the place will look too sterile. I'm like, "Baby, trust me. I will make this shit look hot and colorful and boho." The door's getting a fun color. Stay tuned folks. We are looking around for lots of furniture, so if anyone wants to sponsor our decorating challenge, you know where to holla ;)

What I wanna know is, how did you guys make it work when your heartmate also wants a say in the decorating? Because right now, it totally feels like Dab's way or the highway! Haha. Alright, my vintage vultures, have a crazy awesome weekend!