Here it is! Our new home in New Orleans! It was built in the 1950s so it's nowhere near as old as most of the homes here, but it still has lots of character. It's been vacant for a decade which means no one has lived here pre-Katrina. Our seller bought it a year ago and it was appraised for $65,000. Isn't that nuts? I think the house ended up costing more to renovate than he expected so he didn't really make much off of it. The seller added those hideous railings. Maybe they just need to be painted. Ain't it pretty with all those trees? They're shedding as much as Luigi and Sterling right now. It's gonna look beautiful come spring though. There are three bedrooms and two baths so that means we'll have two guest rooms! Anyone wanna visit me?

The living room is ginormous. Bigger spaces come with bigger challenges. I love the built-in bookcase. It's definitely gonna be a library and bar situation. Not in love with the fans which needs to go asap but I know that's a controversial thing to do when you live in the south. I never imagined myself living in the south. I also never thought I'd own a home.

Quick mantel style up over here. Buddha belongs to the heartmate in case you were wondering. I'm a fan of Buddha. He's a homie but I'm not sure about putting him here or anywhere really in the house. And what do you think about that weird second mantel or is it a shelf up there? It looks like it was part of the original mantel but they wanted to give it an update so they removed it and thought, "Hey, it's still a pretty looking piece, let's just create a second shelf so they can put little trinkets up there. How cool is that?" I think it looks strange but everyone here seems to like it.

Ahh...the family room. One of my favorite rooms because it gets so much light. I'm turning this into a green house, aka jungalow. 

A big yard for the dogs! And maybe for our wedding?! Heh heh heh.