I love the outdoors. Animals, plants, trees, anything nature related is totally up my alley. Last night, out of the blue, my heartmate even pointed out to me that my favorite books in 2010 all have some sort of animal in their title or on the front cover. Totally unintentional! Check it out, he's totally right! White Tiger, Woodpecker, Dragon, Dog, Bird, and Kangaroo!

So, when I saw this branch floor lamp at the Goodwill thrift store, I darted towards it and plucked it outta there! Isn't it lovely? I've seen it at West Elm a couple years ago. The design of this lamp borrows a little inspiration from the outdoors by adding a tri-leg branch base with a branch stump sticking out. So awesome! Yeah, thrift stores not only carry old things, but you can also find relatively decent, newer stuff, too. What thrift goodies have you found lately?

Also, check out my home tour featured on Bright Bazaar. And a sweet post over at the lovely Creature Comforts. Their blogs are so magical it makes my home look ten times better and dare I say, less thrifty. Thanks for the love!