One Room Challenge Fall • Week 1

han back yard.jpg

I'm so excited to be doing another season of the One Room Challenge with 20 talented designers. Our dining room transformation from spring turned out beautifully and I'm still so in love with it.

So are you guys ready? I can't wait to get started on this project with my best friend, Han, who's home I've been slowly redoing whenever I stay with her in Los Angeles. It's my home away from home and it's just so funny how are spaces are becoming almost identical. For this challenge, we are tackling her back yard. Here are some photos I pulled when she brought her craftsman home back in 2015. I know California is no longer in drought but we plan on ripping out the grass still. There will always be another drought, you know?

han backyard 2.jpg

The guest house opens into the yard so this will be such a great addition. It's Los Angeles so it's pretty much summer all year round. She wants an outdoor space mostly for lounging and small gatherings to enjoy nice cold beverages on a warm day or night. I also told her after this challenge, "Girrrl, I'm just gonna move right into the guest house!" And she agrees, "Yaaas biiish!"

El Fenn 

El Fenn 

Our inspiration for her outdoor space will definitely have color, pattern, and lots of plants! Stay tuned and check back every Wednesday for our backyard progress! 

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