One Room Challenge Fall • Week 2

Alright, let's get down to business for week two of One Room Challenge! Here's the floor plan along with a few products I've chosen for our backyard. And by our, I mean my BFF, Han's back yard. But it's safe to say that after going through all this, it'll be ours or even better, MINE! Ha!

We're removing all the grass and putting in concrete and some pearly pebbles. We found these really cool tiles from Overstock which we're very excited about installing. I'm so jealous! It's graphic and maybe a even a little trippy, but I think it'll be timeless. And whoa! After staring at it for awhile, I'm starting to see the letter H in it. How perfect is that? 

Everything is really neutral right now. We will most def layer more color, pillows, plants, and maybe even artworks once I pick out a color for the fence. I want something bold (of course) that will activate the whole space. I'm kinda gravitating towards this earthy terracotta paint color from Farrow & Ball. I'm worried it might be too red, especially since the house is already this weird chocolate wine color. Another color I really love is Calke Green. It's not as bold but it's such a calming shade of green. Or should I paint it a warm white? 

We want to plant a row of towering cacti along the left fence. We'll add more foliage on the right side and around the tiles. We're bringing in two sofas and an end table from The Mine. Hanging chair is from Hayneedle. Rattan chairs from Article. The round coffee table is from CB2. It's gonna be so cozy and fun! Crossing fingers everything comes together! We have less than four weeks to finish! Yikes!  

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