One Room Challenge Fall • Week 5

"I've got new tiles, I count them!" Yaaas! That "New Rules" Dua Lipa song is on repeat over here and so are these tiles. They are lit! Overstock definitely came through and did not disappoint this week for the One Room Challenge! How amazing do they look in Handrogyny's backyard? They're so interesting cause every time I look at them, I find a new shape. So far I see arrows, triangles, diamonds, pentagons, stars, letter H, squares, and flowers! What do you see? 

I went with 1/16th spacers for these 8" inch handmade tiles. I like thin grout lines.


Oh yeah, I've got new tiles for the steps as well! I'm not holding back! These Moroccan tiles compliment the other tiles beautifully. Because cement tiles are so porous, you need to seal it with something like 511 Impregnator before you add grout. And then seal it again after you put grout in. This will protect your cement tiles from any grout fogging and stains. 

The tile guys and I decided to go with a white grout. I can't wait for all the furniture to arrive! Luckily we have an extra week to pull it all together. And that fence color...ugh...I'm still debating. I don't think I've ever been so indecisive before. 

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